Agency Intelligence not artificial intelligence I remember the first time I heard those words as I tuned into the Agency Intelligence podcast in 2017. The host Jason Cass talked about transforming an industry, changing agent lives, and their families futures.

Many podcasts make promises all day long but never deliver on them. The moment Jason came on the air I could tell that this podcast was different. What I didn't know was how Jason would change my agency and life forever over the next two years. If you told me Jason would become one of my biggest supporters and friends in the insurance industry I probably would have laughed at you.

Why would this famous guy who had one of the first ever insurance podcast waste time with a small guy or agency like The Flood Insurance Guru?

Well thats exactly who Jason is.

If you asked me to think of one word that describes Jason about 1000 come to find but the first one that I think of is relationships.

Relationships mean so much to Jason whether it be the relationships he has with his family, his church, his mission work in Cuba or the insurance industry.

Fast forward to 2020 and I have now had the opportunity to be a guest twice on the Agency Intelligence podcast.

This podcast really helped get our name out there but that wasn't the goal of the podcast. It was more about helping people understand flood insurance. Before we realized it though we realized that we both had some mental illness struggles that we had overcome. Mine was a severe learning disability and Jason's is one that he talks about on his podcast. You definitely want to tune to hear his story on it. Maybe you have the same struggles or know someone who does.

So let's get to the good part and that is how Jason is changing lives across the country. Today I will tell you how he changed my life, and not just through the airways.

In 2018 I made this bold decision to walk away from doing your typical auto and home insurance to focus on flood insurance.

Most people said I was crazy. I even heard that from family and friends. Not Jason though he said you are on to something. You are going to look up in a few years and you are going to say how in the world did that happen?

He said but you have to stay focused you have to focus so much on this one thing that people can not ignore you.

This is when I started my content journey of video, podcast, and blogging. So it's kind of ironic that I am writing a blog about how Jason has impacted my life.

This two year journey has been the toughest journey of my career. There have been so many days where I felt defeated and ready to give up. So many of these days just so happen to be days that Jason would release a new podcast.

If you want to catch it it comes out on Tuesdays and Fridays.

It's almost like these podcasts were created just for me. It would be about the exact issue that I was facing. The podcast would help me refocus so much, where I could keep pushing forward. I remember getting a message from Jason earlier this week that said keep pushing forward. It meant so much to me. One reason is I didn't have many friends growing up and really didn't know what friendship was until college.

In 2019 I had the opportunity to meet Jason for the first time in New Orleans at a conference. I remember my legs being weak. 

What would I say to a man that has had such an impact on my life?

As I walked up and introduced myself I knew right away that when this man speaks you listen.

As this journey has continued in 2020 we have always brainstormed on how do we make that bigger impact?

Jason is always talking about catching whales but we all know it's easier than it looks. On this particular episode of the podcast Jason introduced his listeners to a man named David Carothers.

Harbor sign pointing toward landing in Provincetown, Massachusetts, for whale-watching tours

David is master at the commercial insurance game and he is someone else that has also changed my life forever. We will discuss him in another blog.

In 2018 if you told me that I would ignore premium and focus on revenue, I would tell you premium is how people get paid.

You see this is another way how Jason has helped me change my mind set. Jason has always been big on purpose and if anyone lives the purpose driven life it's Jason Cass. Everyone has a different purpose and you just have to find yours.

I truly believe Jason has found his by changing lives through the airwaves.

Ours is changing the world through flood education.

So when you are facing a giant wall make sure to surround yourself with great mentors like Jason Cass. You are going to need help climbing this wall and its people like this that can help guide you to the top. More importantly its people like this that can help you get up when you fall.

To end this blog I want to thank Jason for his support but most importantly for his friendship.

Thats Jason Cass and thats how he is transforming lives.

Chris Greene


Chris Greene

President of The Flood Insurance Guru
M.S. in Emergency Management with a focus in Flood Mitigation


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