So the lake has been lowered does it mean flood insurance on Smith Lake will be lower?

Smith lake Alabama flood insurance

Flood insurance in the Smith Lake Alabama can have a wide range. Areas closer to the water may have higher rates and elevated properties might have cheaper rates on flood insurance in Alabama.

So what happens when the lake is lowered?


When it comes to flood insurance in Alabama or really any where rates are based on 12 months. This locks a rate in no matter what happens during that 12 months.

It's very common for lakes to be lowered in Alabama during the winter months so people can work on their docks.

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So will this lower flood insurance in Alabama?

Generally the only way this might lower the flood insurance is if the lowering is permanent. This could be something like draining a lake.

So if this is not going to help what can you do to lower flood insurance on Smith Lake?

One way is by verifying the flood zone. Almost every week we speak to someone on Smith lake that is listed in the wrong flood zone.

So let's say you are in a high risk flood zone like flood zone A and you should be in flood zone X.

What could the impacts be on flood insurance?

  1. Mandatory requirement removed
  2. Standard to preferred rate

If you are moved from a flood zone A to flood zone X then it is possible that your bank will no longer require flood insurance. This could really help with property value if it is no longer required.

The next thing that could help is going from a standard flood rate to a preferred rate. This could be the difference in $500 to $1000 a year.

In this situation you are generally going from a mandatory to a non mandatory flood zone.

So if you have further questions about how to lower flood insurance rates in Alabama then click here. Want to learn more about flood insurance and flood education then make sure to check out our YouTube channel where we do our daily flood education videos.

Remember we have an educational background in flood mitigation. This means we are here to help you understand flood insurance, flood risks, and mitigating your property long term.

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