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What Does the Diagram on the Elevation Certificate Mean?

The building diagram number on the elevation certificate represents the type of foundation you have on a property

What are the Different Elevation Numbers and What Do They Mean?

1 and 1A - Slab on Grade (Other than Split-Level)

1B - Raised Slab on Grade or Slab on Stem Wall with Fill (other than Split-Level)

2 - Subgrade Basement (Not Split-Level)

3 - Split Level Slab (On Grade)

4 - Split Level with Subgrade Basement

5 - Elevated Building with no Enclosure

6 - Elevated Building with Enclosure (using piers, piles, posts)

7 - Elevated Building on Solid Foundation Walls (Full-Story)

8 - Elevated Building with Crawlspace

9 - Non-Elevated Building on Subgrade Crawlspace (Non Split-Level)


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