Floods have really became a major concern across the country over the last year. Especially with low risk areas like Houston, Texas flooding. Many rivers across the country like the Tennessee river in Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL have caused concerns for residents that normally would have never thought about flooding before.

One of the reasons for these floods have been large amounts of rainfall in a short period of time, and mismanagement of watersheds by local governments. Areas that normally would not have any chance of flooding are starting to flood on a regular basis. So it is very important to understand what type of flood zone you are in, what the chances are of it flooding, what you're options are, and how you can protect yourself.

If you want to learn more about your flood insurance options contact a flood expert like Community First Agency in Huntsville, AL or Nashville, TN. They can show you all the possible options out there.

flood insurance video from Chris Greene on Vimeo.





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