There are three government roles in the disaster assistance process. As shown below they are local, state, and federal government.


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Massachusetts State House which is located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston is the state capitol and house of government of Massachusetts.




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In this podcast we are discussing the role local officials play in disaster assistance. When discussing disaster assistance in this podcast we are specifically addressing individual disaster assistance

What is individual disaster assistance?

Individual disaster assistance helps with crucial things like dental care, medical care, housing expenses, and even burial expenses.

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When comes to a disaster local officials are the first ones on the scene and the last on the scene. They see the needs of a community during the disaster and after the disaster.

So when it comes to getting individual disaster assistance for the community these individuals can play a critical role in whether a community gets approved or not.

Here are some common roles a local community official plays

  • First one on scene
  • Hands on the community daily
  • Last on the scene
  • Community liaison to the state


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As mentioned above local officials play the role of community liaison to the state. Residents depend on the right information being sent to the state to help the disaster assistance case. Stay tuned for our other podcasts that discuss the role of state officials and federal officials.


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