So I was sitting in my office the other day and heard someone on our team ask do you want the standard flood coverage?

My eyes got really big and it got me thinking?

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Who taught them to say this? I know I didn't

Then it got me thinking deeper, do people think there are standard flood coverages?

Many times people think standard flood coverages might be the loan amount on their property or the max amount that the National Flood Insurance Program offers on a policy.

The fact is standard flood coverages do not exist or at least they should not. The reason is every property is different.

Each property has a different replacement cost on it. This is what insurance companies think it would take to replace the property if it was destroyed.

Then there are the foundation types of the property. A home with a basement may need a different type of coverage than a home with a crawlspace.

Then there are the elevations of the property. This is what can show the real risk of flooding on the property. Each property has its own elevations. You may have one property that has a garage and one property that does not.

This is one of the things we try to explain to people when they say my neighbor is paying less for flood insurance than I am.

So the next time you are getting a flood risk analysis done on your property remember this. Not only can these things change your risk but they can have a major impact on flood insurance premiums as well.

Your property is unique just like you.

If you have further questions about how to obtain the right flood insurance coverage then make sure to click here.

Remember we have an educational background in flood mitigation. This means we can help you understand your flood risks, flood insurance, and mitigating your property.


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