Today we want to answer a question we hear very often. Is flood insurance a waste of money on my Homewood Alabama property?

The video below look a little bit at flood insurance, basement homes, and if it's a waste of money.


Today we want to take a deeper look at Homewood Alabama properties.


Homewood Alabama has a lot of historic homes. Many of these homes have subgrade foundations.


These maybe subgrade crawlspace or basement homes.

So is purchasing flood insurance on these Homewood Alabama properties a waste of money?

You may or may not know this but flood insurance coverages are limited on basements.

The video below shows some things that are covered in basements.


Many people decide not to purchase flood insurance for theses properties as they do not believe water will ever reach the living area.

What many people do not think about is water pressure.

When your basement fills up with water or has water pressed against the the outside structure it can add major stress to the structure.

Eventually this pressure could cause the foundation walls to collapse causing a total loss. 

Flood damage to a basement could also cause major damage to safety systems.

These are things like a furnace, air conditioner, circuit breaker, or stair case. These are things that make the structure safe.

So is flood insurance on your Homewood Alabama a waste of money?

Not when it can do a lot more than just protecting your basement.

It's also important to understand that certain private carriers to offer some additional contents coverages on basements.

Its not uncommon to pay over $2000 a year for flood insurance on your Homewood Alabama property. It's very important to work with someone that understands all the factors that go into a flood insurance rate and a flood insurance score.

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