I just got back from my first camping trip with my family. We recently decided to get a camper to make as many memories with our 4 year old daughter Lydia as possible.

I travel the country shooting our flood education videos and this was a way for them to come along.

My dad was an eagle scout but I only had the opportunity to go camping as a boy scout once when I was a child. I found it funny as a kid my dad was the only one wearing khakis and a dress shirt on the camping trip. Boy was he along way removed from his eagle scout days.

Geeky hipster holding an abacus against desk

Being a physicist he didn't do much with the outdoors as an adult. By the time I came along my grandparents were older and I didn't get the same experiences with the outdoors like my brothers did. I remember as kids they would go off to camp for a week. I looked forward to that but when it was my turn the camp had closed.

So as you can imagine this camping trip was filled with lots of learning experiences for me and my wife. If it wasn't for my experienced brother in law Jason it probably would have been an epic failure.

It was my first time sleeping in a camper, it was my first time learning how to manage the waste tanks. That was a learning experience.


It was even my first time using a bath house. 

Old barn and outhouse at Millbrook Village, at Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, New Jersey.

My wife said do you have shower shoes? 

I said what are shower shoes?

Confused. Portrait young man thinking daydreaming trying to remember something scratching head isolated white background. Negative emotion facial expressions feelings. Short term memory loss, failure

She said you can't walk in the bath house bare footed. Many times we don't know the answer to the question until it's time for the question. As you can imagine I had lots of questions when it came to camping.

Like many people who have a question I went to Youtube to get my camping questions answered.

Getting camping questions answered can be much easier than getting flood insurance questions answered sometimes.

So today's question has probably been asked 100 times to me over the years.

Can You Buy Flood Insurance During Hurricane Season?

So can you?

You can buy flood insurance during any season. You might be limited to what options are available. Let's look at the National Flood Insurance Program first. The National Flood Insurance Program generally does not limit you to when you can buy flood insurance. They do put a 30 day wait period on a policy being effective unless it is for a map change or loan closing.

So what about private flood insurance?

You can still buy private flood insurance during hurricane season, but they may have more limitations. Private flood insurance carriers will put moratoriums in place many times when there is a named storm in the Gulf or Atlantic ocean. Generally they will remove this moratorium once the storm has passed and any flooding has stopped.

It's important to remember that like the National Flood Insurance Program private flood also has a wait period. This wait period generally ranged from 5 to 15 days unless its for a loan closing.

Even though you may have a loan closing a moratorium could still stop you from getting flood insurance in place.

So its important that you understand what options are available, what the wait periods are, and that you can get flood insurance during hurricane season.

So if you have questions about getting flood insurance during hurricane season then make sure to visit our website. You can also check out our YouTube channel or Facebook page where we do daily flood education videos.


Chris Greene


Chris Greene

President of The Flood Insurance Guru
M.S. in Emergency Management with a focus in Flood Mitigation

I have spent the last 4 days camping with my family. My daughter is approaching her 5th birthday and she had the time of her life. While I was away it allowed me to reset a little bit. 101409834_10163441922635368_6499435779809345536_n

When I do this I like to sit back and think about things and even do a little bit of research.

As I am doing this I notice a lot kids riding bikes around without parents. I guess the parents assume they are in a campground so the kids are safe. I probably had two or three kids jump out in front of me when I was driving.

This got me thinking about hurricane seasons we had a few years ago. We went a good while without a major hurricane making landfall. When one did it it was bad. It very well could have been because we felt comfortable and let our guard down.

The upcoming hurricane season starts today June 1st.

It looks as though there will be a 3rd named storm this week which is a lot this early in the season.

In fact the last time it happened was 2017 when the United States saw some of its most devastating hurricanes in history.

Let's take a look at the 2017 hurricane season. That year there were 17 named storms, 10 of which were major hurricanes, and 6 major hurricanes.

Harvey hit Houston Texas becoming the most destructive hurricane in local history there.

So does 2020 spell disaster as well?

Maybe NOAA is predicted 13 to 19 named storms for 2020. 6 to 10 of these will be hurricanes and 3 are expected to be major hurricanes.


2017 Hurricane Season  # of named storms # of Hurricanes # of Major Hurricanes
  17 10 6
2020 Hurricane Season Prediction 13 to 19 6 to 10 3


It could you see just like 2017 the 2020 season has been active even before the season began as a result of the jet stream dipping down to the South. This is helping tropical systems develop much quicker. 2017 had its first storm develop in April which is extremely early. 2017 was also the first time in 12 years that a major hurricane made landfall in the United States.

Not having a major hurricane make landfall for 12 years can lead a lot of people to not adequately prepare. Like they say all wounds heal with time and sometimes we forget how abad that wound hurt.

Hopefully one thing that we can learn from the 2017 season is always being prepared and understand the threat of inland flooding hurricanes can create.

Having the right flood insurance in place is very important. Its also important to understand that everyone is at risk of flooding whether its a low, moderate, or high risk.

If you have further questions about hurricane season or how to obtain flood insurance make sure to click here.

You can also check out our YouTube channel where we do daily education videos or even listen to our podcast.

Remember we have an educational background in flood mitigation so we can help you understand your flood insurance, flood risks, and mitigating your property against flooding.


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Chris Greene


Chris Greene

President of The Flood Insurance Guru
M.S. in Emergency Management with a focus in Flood Mitigation

Flood insurance, water damage, and water backup can be confusing. When do you have coverage and Do you need additional coverage? These are things that you need to know. We hope to give you the answers to these questions in this blog. To get a good understanding you want to put yourself in the shoes of different scenarios.

So let's look at if you do have water in your home.

Couple looking at a beautiful house to buy

So you come down stairs to find out you have 6 inches of water in your living room and kitchen.

Where did it come from?

In your insurance going to cover the damage?

These are usually the first two questions property owners ask when this happens.

Today we want to talk about some different types of coverage when you have water in your home.

  1. Flood insurance
  2. Water back up

Let's look at flood insurance first. How does FEMA define flood?

According to FEMA a flood is when A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from: (1) The overflow of inland or tidal waters; (2) The unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source.

Water back up is when water backs up into your home normally as a result of a sewer or septic back up.

So now that we have an understanding of what flood insurance and water back up are let's discuss some water damage scenarios to help you understand if you are covered.

We want to look at 3 scenarios

  1. Water leak from a dishwasher
  2. Water coming in your home
  3. Water coming from toilet

Remember that water you found in your living room, well lets talk about how it possibly got there?

Come to find out it looks like your dishwasher had a broken hose over night.

So what coverage would apply in this scenario?

Well depending on the type of coverage you have on your home insurance policy coverage should kick in here. While the home insurance might cover it, it still may not fall under the water back up portion.

One thing is for sure and that is that flood insurance would not cover this damage.

Let's look at a different scenario lets talk about the fact that you discovered water is coming into your home. It seems that the water is coming from the doorway. All the rain that has been received recently along the Mississippi River has caused some local creeks in the area to overflow their banks.

You look out the window to look at your yard but there isn't a yard. There is just a small river running in your backyard. So are you covered?

You might be covered and you might not? If you don't have flood insurance then you definitely are not covered. If you do have flood insurance then one of two things need to have happened in order to be covered.

Either 2 acres or more need to be inundated with surface water or 2 properties or more need to be inundated with water. So let's say you leave in a neighborhood that has some new development. As a result of that development water has been redirected towards your home. Your property seems to be the only impacted then more than likely flood insurance will not pay out.

Let's take a look at the last scenario. You come downstairs to discover this water and you started walking around on the soaked carpets. You walk into the hall bathroom to discover that the toilet is still overflowing. Not only do you have water throughout your home but now you have the smell of sewage water, yuck right.

This is a prime example of where water back up coverage on a home policy normally comes into play.

Water back up is not normally included on many home insurance policies. So its definitely something you want tom review with your insurance agent when setting up your home insurance policy.

We have discussed just three of many scenarios where water can come into your home. As you can see there can be a different type of coverage for every scenario.

This is why is so important that your review your flood insurance with a flood expert like The Flood Insurance Guru and your home insurance with a home insurance expert.

So maybe you have more questions about water damage in your home? What are your options for flood insurance? How to prevent water from coming into your home? Then make sure to visit our website Flood Insurance Guru. You can also check out our daily flood education videos on our YouTube channel or our Facebook page Flood Insurance Guru.


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Chris Greene


Chris Greene

President of The Flood Insurance Guru
M.S. in Emergency Management with a focus in Flood Mitigation