Minnesota is a gorgeous state with a lot of history. Some of that history includes some historical floods.

I mean its called the land of 10,000 lakes.

So are there really 10,000 lakes?

That is a question we hear all the time about Minnesota.

Nope there is actually more than than that. It has been said that there are more than 12,000 lakes of at least 10 acres. depending on what you define a lake us there could be considered more than 15,000 lakes.

That is a lot of water for one state. As you can imagine the land of 10,000 lakes could cause you as a property owner 10,000 flood problems but is your flood premium one of them?

That's what we want to talk about today. You can also checkout our podcast below where we discuss this matter.


Its very common for Minnesota to have flood issues especially since it is home to the Mississippi river, St. Lawrence river, and Red River North.

Minnesota typically gets a lot of spring runoff from its snow melt. It gets more snow every year than most other parts of the country.

So when this snow melts it has to go somewhere and one of these 10,000 lakes is usually one of the places it ends up.

Some of these lakes maybe considered closed basin lakes.

So what is a closed basin lake?

Closed basin lakes can have a major impact on your flood insurance options in Minnesota.

So are you going to be dealing with $10,000 flood premiums in Minnesota because of these issues?

Maybe or maybe not

Lets look at some factors that can drive flood insurance rates in Minnesota.

Many older homes in Minnesota have full basements which can have a major impact on flood insurance premiums.

Understanding the difference between full basements and walkout basements is important.

This could be the difference between a $800 flood premium and a $2000 flood premium.

Something else to understand is what flood zone you are in.

There are three main flood zones in Minnesota. The videos below give you a brief description of each one of them.



Its important to understand which flood zones will require flood insurance and which ones will not. Its also important to understand that being in a low risk flood zone does not mean your property will not flood.

Now maybe you have a low flood premium or maybe you have a high flood premium in Minnesota. If you want to look at your different options simply click here.

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