We have all heard the rivalry between East coast and West coast rappers like 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. Then there was the historical NBA matchups with the Lakers and Celtics. The NFL battles between the 49's and the Falcons. The East coast and West coast have always battled each other. Flooding threats is no different.

When you think of Florida one of the first things that probably comes to mind is hurricanes. When you think of areas like Gleneden Beach or Lincoln City Oregon you may think of earthquakes or cliff erosion.

While both of these areas are considered coastal areas, they face some pretty different flood threats.

Florida is normally the most popular area in the country for hurricanes to hit. The state is relatively flat which can cause flooding issues without a hurricane. However when hurricanes hit they can cause some serious flood problems as history has taught us with storms like hurricane Andrew.

The flood threat along rivers and lakes in Florida is not as high as other parts of the country. This is an area where many people let their guard down by not carrying flood insurance.

Now let's take a look at areas like the Oregon coast. There are some beautiful coastal areas in Oregon like the Gleneden beach area. This coastline faces some different challenges from your traditional hurricanes. As we know hurricanes get stronger with warmer waters.

As you can imagine the coastal waters of Florida are much warmer causing a greater threat. However a threat that is pretty low that is high in Oregon is the threat of tsunamis and cliff erosion. Being on the west coast earthquakes are pretty common which can activate tsunamis. These tsunamis can bring rushing flood waters into areas like Gleneden beach or other areas of Lincoln county Oregon. According to The News Guard cliff erosion in areas like Oregon is something that continues to increase flooding threats along the Oregon coast.

So whether you are on the East coast or the West coast you face unique flood threats. It maybe hurricanes, it might be river flooding, or even cliff erosion.

It's important that you have a flood insurance policy in place that can help protect you financially.

Remember not all flood insurance options are the same. In the Oregon area you have some great private flood insurance options that can provide some additional coverages that you don't get with the National Flood Insurance Program.

Let's say you have an investment property in Gleneden beach. If that property floods you would not have loss of use coverage with the National Flood Insurance Program but you may have it with a private flood insurance policy.

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Remember we have an educational background in flood mitigation. This means we can help you understand your flood insurance, flood risks, and mitigating your property long term.