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That might make you happy or it might not. Thats a different discussion for a different day.

Flood insurance mirrored policies work the same way. They have to resemble each other.

So in today's blog we want to answer a three questions

  1. What is a mirrored flood insurance policy
  2. How does it protect you?
  3. What is not included?

A mirrored flood insurance policy has to do with private flood insurance policies. We are talking about admitted companies and non admitted companies.

The video below explains what the difference is with these companies.


This is generally a private flood insurance policy that has to have the same parts as a standard flood policy with the National Flood Insurance Program. A few of the things we are talking about are listed below.

  1. Coverages just as broad
  2. Cancellation notice of 45 days
  3. Lawsuit period the same

So how does this mirroring protect you as a property owner?

It creates consistency when it comes to coverages and even when claims are paid out. After a claim is not the time to find out you don't have the right coverage or verbiage in your flood insurance policy.

So if you decide to go with one of these private companies it makes sure that it meets the banks requirements.

So what is not included in this mirroring. While this requirement does provide some consistency on the guidelines that must be followed, price is not one of them.

Price might be one of the biggest differences between these policies. While National Flood Insurance Program policies should be the same price no matter where you go, the same can not be said for private companies.

We have seen a big difference in pricing with private companies. Just this morning we had a customer in Johnson City Tennessee who got a $3000 flood insurance quote from one carrier but we were able to get him another option less than $1500.

So when you are looking at these options you want to think about that. Make sure to get at least 3 different private flood insurance options.

Want to know what your flood insurance options are available in areas like Johnson city Tennessee? Click here

Maybe you want to learn more about flood insurance or flood education then check out our YouTube channel.

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Remember we have an educational background in flood mitigation. So we are here to help you understand your flood risks, flood insurance, and mitigating your property longer term.


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