I just got back from my first camping trip with my family. We recently decided to get a camper to make as many memories with our 4 year old daughter Lydia as possible.

I travel the country shooting our flood education videos and this was a way for them to come along.

My dad was an eagle scout but I only had the opportunity to go camping as a boy scout once when I was a child. I found it funny as a kid my dad was the only one wearing khakis and a dress shirt on the camping trip. Boy was he along way removed from his eagle scout days.

Geeky hipster holding an abacus against desk

Being a physicist he didn't do much with the outdoors as an adult. By the time I came along my grandparents were older and I didn't get the same experiences with the outdoors like my brothers did. I remember as kids they would go off to camp for a week. I looked forward to that but when it was my turn the camp had closed.

So as you can imagine this camping trip was filled with lots of learning experiences for me and my wife. If it wasn't for my experienced brother in law Jason it probably would have been an epic failure.

It was my first time sleeping in a camper, it was my first time learning how to manage the waste tanks. That was a learning experience.


It was even my first time using a bath house. 

Old barn and outhouse at Millbrook Village, at Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, New Jersey.

My wife said do you have shower shoes? 

I said what are shower shoes?

Confused. Portrait young man thinking daydreaming trying to remember something scratching head isolated white background. Negative emotion facial expressions feelings. Short term memory loss, failure

She said you can't walk in the bath house bare footed. Many times we don't know the answer to the question until it's time for the question. As you can imagine I had lots of questions when it came to camping.

Like many people who have a question I went to Youtube to get my camping questions answered.

Getting camping questions answered can be much easier than getting flood insurance questions answered sometimes.

So today's question has probably been asked 100 times to me over the years.

Can You Buy Flood Insurance During Hurricane Season?

So can you?

You can buy flood insurance during any season. You might be limited to what options are available. Let's look at the National Flood Insurance Program first. The National Flood Insurance Program generally does not limit you to when you can buy flood insurance. They do put a 30 day wait period on a policy being effective unless it is for a map change or loan closing.

So what about private flood insurance?

You can still buy private flood insurance during hurricane season, but they may have more limitations. Private flood insurance carriers will put moratoriums in place many times when there is a named storm in the Gulf or Atlantic ocean. Generally they will remove this moratorium once the storm has passed and any flooding has stopped.

It's important to remember that like the National Flood Insurance Program private flood also has a wait period. This wait period generally ranged from 5 to 15 days unless its for a loan closing.

Even though you may have a loan closing a moratorium could still stop you from getting flood insurance in place.

So its important that you understand what options are available, what the wait periods are, and that you can get flood insurance during hurricane season.

So if you have questions about getting flood insurance during hurricane season then make sure to visit our website. You can also check out our YouTube channel or Facebook page where we do daily flood education videos.


Hurricane season starts June 1st each year. NOAA has already predicted it to be a busy hurricane season. However we have already seen our 2nd named storm in the Atlantic and it's not even hurricane season yet.

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FEMA is already strapped with the Covid 19 response and the recent flooding event in Midland Michigan.

So being prepared has never been more important.

Tropical storm Bertha caused flooding in Miami over memorial day weekend before moving up the coast and making landfall in South Carolina on Wednesday May 27th.

Thankfully it's a tropical storm so high winds are not that much of a concern. However with so many storms the concern is rainfall. This storm has already caused coastal flooding in South Carolina.

The storm is predicted to move up into North Carolina and Virginia. It's predicted to slow down and cause flooding in the Appalachian mountains.

So what can you do to prepare for the 2020 hurricane season?

Having your flood insurance in place before hurricane season is very important. Most people inland usually don't take hurricane season seriously. However as years past has shown us inland flooding from hurricane season is a major threat and might be a higher concern than some of the coastal flooding.

When these storms hit the coast they are still moving at a decent speed but once they move inland they tend to stall out dumping lots of rain.

As hurricane season approaches in the next couple of days its important to understand a few things about flood insurance.

  1. Wait period

  2. Payment options

Most flood insurance has a wait period unless its for a loan closing. Let's look at the National Flood Insurance Program first. This program will have a 30 day wait period which means if you start on June 1st it really would not go into effect until June 3oth.

Now lets look at some of the wait periods in the private flood insurance market. The average wait period for private flood insurance usually ranges from 10-15 days unless its for a loan closing.

There are a few options with no wait period but it is extremely rare.

Now that you have an idea of the wait period what about paying for the flood policy?

When it comes to the National Flood Insurance Program flood insurance has to be paid in full for the year. This is also generally the case with private flood insurance policies as well. Every once in a while you will find a policy that can do quarterly payments but it's pretty rare.

Now that you understand what the wait periods and payment options are it's time to make sure you are prepared for hurricane season.

If you want to see what your flood insurance options are then click here.

If you want to learn more about flood insurance then make sure to check out our YouTube channel where we daily flood education videos. You can also check out our podcast.

Remember we have an educational background in flood mitigation so we are here to help you understand your flood risks, flood insurance, and mitigating your property against flooding.


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