Flooding has caused a lot of problems across the country especially recently in areas like Kingfisher Oklahoma, Tulsa Oklahoma, and other areas along the Arkansas and Cimarron rivers. All the flooding has caused people to think what flood insurance options are available in Oklahoma?

​Well lets talk about that a little bit. When it comes to flood insurance in areas like Tulsa Oklahoma, Kingfisher Oklahoma, and even Oklahoma city you have two different options. You can go through the National Flood Insurance Program or the private flood insurance market. The flood insurance options will depend what type of loan you have on your property in Tulsa Oklahoma. For example lets say you have a government loan like an FHA, VA, or USDA loan then more than likely you are going to have to go through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Once you get in these program there are still some different options available to you. Let's say this is a new purchase then the first think you want to look at is to see if there is currently a National Flood Insurance Program policy in place. If there is you maybe able to do a policy transfer or policy assumption. If not you may still be able to get a policy grandfathered if you can show that the house was built to compliance.

Now lets talk about if you are doing a non government loan this would be like a traditional conventional loan through a bank, credit union, or other financial institution. If this is the case then you should be able to go to the private flood insurance market. The private market works a little bit different because it provides alot higher amounts of coverage than the National Flood Insurance Program does. The pricing can also be 50% less in many situations. You will also want to check with your bank to make sure they will accept this type of flood insurance.

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Chris Greene


Chris Greene

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