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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Chris Greene, and I cannot say enough positive things about his exceptional customer service. From the moment I reached out with questions about flood protection options for my home, Chris went above and beyond to ensure that I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Thanks to Chris's expertise and dedication"

-Marcus T.

"The Flood Insurance Guru is a very thorough and smart insurance broker! They really go the extra mile for their clients."
- Jacque T.

"The folks at the Flood Insurance Guru seem very trustworthy! I would definitely recommend them to family and friends!"
- Jacob P.

"Chris is one of the hardest working guys in the business. Your experience will be over the top just as mine has been so far with him!"
- Jason C.

"Chris really worked hard for me. He didn't give up. He was courteous and I felt like I had someone with my interest at heart. Thank you!"
- Revill T.

"I've been impressed with Chris's professionalism and customer service. I would recommend to anyone looking out there!"
- Josh P.

"Very thorough and smart broker! Goes the extra mile for his clients."
- Jacque T.

"It seems very trustworthy! Definitely worth it to use the Flood Insurance Guru!"
- Jacob R.

"Very easy registration. Website is user friendly."
- Customer since 2017

"Great service with plenty of quotes to choose from! Very happy with my new policy and agent Chris Greene!"
- Camie F., customer since 2017

"Chris Greene is awesome!!"
- Alana, May 2017

"I'm enjoying the insurance"
- Latrice C., customer since 2016

"Chris is a super guy! He makes sure my family gets the best & most efficient insurance!"
- Pamela C., customer since 2016

"The Flood Insurance Guru made the process quick and easy!"
- Customer since 2016

"Well, aside from the best rates around, my agent is very kind and personable.. In the past, with larger companies, you rarely talk to the same person twice.. and you're treated like a number. They seem to be going through the motions.. My agent, Chris Greene, has kindly and efficiently responded to all my questions and needs."
- James H., customer since 2016

"Best Insurance company ever. So glad I found Flood Insurance Guru!"
- Kayla D., customer since 2016

"Everything that involves insuring my family and feeling secure!"
- Brandon S., customer since 2016

"Good service and great rates."
- Customer since 2016

"Chris really worked hard for me. He didn't give up. He was courteous and I felt like I had someone with my interest at heart. Thank you!"
- Customer since 2016

"Very prompt and efficient"
- Jhuan R., customer since 2016

"I really like that you are associated with Insurance. I also like how easy it is to contact Chris Greene and he did everything for me made sure I got the best price I could. Thank you Chris."
- Gail H., customer since 2017

"Chris is always very prompt and courteous when handling any issues that I have."
- Carol M., customer since 2016

"Explained everything very well. and found a quote that would work for my numbers i needed to be at for my mortgage payment."
- Hali K., customer since 2016

"Fast friendly and affordable"
- Customer since 2015

"Chris was so helpful in getting us our quote for our mortgage insurance. He was quick to respond and follow up to verify if I had received the correct information."
- Stephen O., customer since 2016

"I was very satisfied with the service i have received. everything was taken care of in a very timely manner and i was able to get a very affordable rate."
- Patrick T., customer since 2016

"The Flood Insurance Guru take great care of me and my clients. As long as they do insurance and continues to take care of us they will always get my referrals and my business."
- Customer since 2016

"The Flood Insurance Guru always produces timely quotes that beat all the other insurance quotes around!! Thanks for providing great service to my clients!"
- Andrea R., August 2016

"We were searching for a new insurance company to cover our new vehicles and home we just recently purchased. We had spoke with several agencies and were very pleased with how Chris Greene treated us. Chris was diligent in getting us the quote we needed in a very timely manner. We were very pleased with his service and would highly recommend Chris and the Flood Insurance Guru!"
- Kristy E., July 2016

"The Flood Insurance Guru has been amazing! I reached out online and Chris immediately responded and went to work on my behalf getting me homeowners insurance for our new home. Chris made this process so easy and I recommend everyone go through him for insurance needs!!!"
- Cassie K., customer since 2016

"I emailed late in the evening and got a response back immediately. Great service. Thanks"
- Amanda F., customer since 2016

"I really like working with SaDonna she has been very helpful and have already recommended her to two other people"
- Anne F., customer since 2016

"I've never had an insurance company that went so far and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and to make sure that I got the right coverage for the right price."
- Chris G., customer since 2016

"Chris Greene turned my request around quickly and gave me great advice and solutions to challenges concerning the property I needed to insure. Many thanks!!!"
- Customer, June 2016

"Chris atThe Flood Insurance Guru delivered exceptional customer service and worked to help me find an incredible deal on car insurance for my daughter , a new driver purchasing her first car. He took the time to listen and look into multiple carriers until he found me a terrific rate. He went out of his way on a weekend and made himself available because he knew I needed to purchase the car that same day. Can't thank him enough for the fine job he did and how attentive and friendly he was through the whole process. I highly recommend Chris Greene and the Flood Insurance Guru."
- Dawn McGinn

"It was a pleasure talking with Chris. He made my insurance switch an ease. The new rates that I received are excellent. I am so glad I called his office."
- Cassandra Ward

"Chris Greene handled everything I needed when setting up my first homeowner's policy. Excellent communication and very pleasant to work with."
- Hunter Long

"I've been privileged to obtain a secure future with a varied line of valuable resources through Flood Insurance Guru. Chris Green is a top notch agent who exudes confidence, expediency and talented skill set for networking across all levels."
- Stephanie Doli

"So far so good! My agent, Chris Greene, was very kind and easy to work with. I've been extremely happy with everything, so far.. I got more coverage at a much lower rate than the larger companies who claim to look out for you. Response from the owner7 months ago
Thank you for allowing us to put you in a circle of insurance protection!"

- Macaroni And Cheese Girl

"awesome customer service, easy and great."
- Melanie Carter

"Chris was very quick and efficient! Thanks!"
- Kellandra Y


Extremely knowledgeable and has options for everyone in every situation!
- Whitney M., 2019
Chris is the only person I trust that he actually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Flood Insurance. He truly is the Flood Guru.
- Josh B., 2019
Chris Greene knows too much about flood. He helped a couple of my clients save thousands of dollars on flood insurance policies. Helped me keep the clients and made them happy!
- Harry G., 2019
As a licensed Insurance Representative & Realtor myself I highly recommend anyone dealing with the challenges that our clients face owning or considering owning a property in a flood zone contact Chris and his team.
- Lorrie S., 2019
I'm an insurance agent in Ohio. The flood insurance guru not only saved my client money, he had a quote to me in minutes. I highly recommend him and all my clients will be going to him. Thanks again!!
- Scott M., 2019
I'm confident no one else understands Flood insurance like Chris Greene. Licensed in 50 states & he also invests time educating professionals on the ins & outs of flood. I highly recommend him for any flood insurance questions or needs. He will go above & beyond to make sure you're properly protected.
- Malia R., 2019
Chris is so informative. He really took the time to learn his specialty. He has been a huge asset to my clients. He knows anything and everything there is to know about flood insurance. Thank you for helping out!
- Steven L., 2019
Chris Greene is truly the authority on flood insurance. I know that my clients get the best coverage for the best price when I refer them to Chris. He and his staff are always very responsive to flood quote requests and I will be using Chris' services for all my flood insurance needs.
- Andrea G., 2019
The Flood Guru was incredibly knowledgeable and a life saver for us.
- Stacy C., 2019
Many Insurance Agents have access to flood policies, but Chris Green has dedicated his agency to just that. He has a Masters in flood- a deep knowledge of how this effects rates, and a passion that is worth my admiration. I recently referred him a home buyer to him and they took their rates from 1000's year to 100's. I am glad to have partnered my clients with him and will continue to do so in the future
- The Weikum Group, 2019
Best customer service! We will be utilizing your services again! Thank you!
- Lisa M., 2021
Chris has been amazing not only helping our big clients with their flood mitigation processes but educating us as well. Thank you
- Laura S., 2021
My loan officer pointed me in the direction of The Flood Insurance Guru. They got me a low cost policy that actually exceeds the required building coverage that was required [...] they got me covered on flood insurance that is required on my property at a price that doesn't make me regret buying the house.
- Philip D., 2021
These guys do great work [...] Chris and his people understand the process and will get you through it. I am absolutely satisfied with my experience with them and I fully recommend them for your insurance needs. 
- Ron D., 2021
Chris and the team at the Flood Insurance Guru are by far the best in the business. Long before I learned bout the Guru team I my home was flooded twice within a five year span. Had I know of Chris then navigating the FEMA flood plan nightmare would have been much better. Thanks Chris that I'll not have to go through that alone again.
- Dennis C., 2021
Chris is a top notch agent and always keeps his clients best interest at heart. I would recommend him to anyone for their insurance needs.
- Stefen S., 2021
Chris is so knowledgeable about flood insurance, if you have a question he has the answer. Highly recommend Chris for all your flood insurance needs.
- Amy S., 2021
Chris with the Flood Insurance Gurus is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and sincere. He's always quick to answer any questions and truly is a trove of information. Definitely reach out to him if you have any questions about flood insurance -- highly recommend!
- Elle D., 2021
The top subject matter expert on flood insurance in the entire US (and probably world) hands down! Chris knows more about flood insurance than anyone which is clear in his hundreds of videos and blog posts on the subject and he is helping people across the country save and get the proper coverage they need. Incredibly nice and easy to work with. I would literally recommend him to anyone. Definitely reach out to him about anything and everything related to flood insurance :)
- David D., 2021
The knowledge and experience they have it’s unparalleled! If you are looking for the best in this field to help you and assist you, you need to call them. Every business owner should!
- Ramon G., 2021 
Highly recommend Chris and his team for anything flood related. Top notch service and the most knowledgeable person I've ever met in regard to flood insurance.
- Joe K., 2021
Chris was quick to respond and on top of the issue at all times. He answered any and all questions and was more than happy to help. I’m a real estate agent and my client was ready to walk away from the deal, but Chris helped my client save hundred of dollars and stayed in communication throughout the entire process. Chris was a miracle worker!
- Kirstie G., 2021
Excelent quality of service!
- Wilmer F., 2021
Chris is excellent to work with. I will never write another flood policy again. He made the process so simple and his turn around time is second to none. I highly recommend him for any flood insurance needs or questions. Thanks again Chris. You truly are The Flood Insurance Guru!!!
- Brad S., 2021
Quick and professional. He knows his stuff inside and out and will help you learn as well. 10star rating if I could
- Erik M., 2021
Chris is extremely knowledgeable and well versed. He is a problem solver and a solution! Chris is also very quick to respond, quote, and help. I would recommend him to anyone!
- Jen J., 2021
The Flood Insurance Guru is the best! They are SO quick to respond when we need a quote for a client, and they are extremely easy to work with! Top notch customer service and such a great group of people to work with!
- Shelby L., 2021

The best insurance company ever!
- Kayla Donaldson

I own an agency but send all of my flood customers over to Chris. We’ve worked together for years and I haven’t had any customers come back to me with anything but praise. Highly recommend him and his crew!
- Krystin D., 2022


I have worked with Chris many times, he has taken care of myself and my clients so beautifully.
- Amber W., 2022
This company is so easy to work with!
- Tony M., 2022
As an insurance agent, I know way too many agents that try to be everything to everyone which often times leads to bad agents. Chris is different. He does only flood insurance and does it better than everyone else.
- Patrick C., 2022
Chris’s team is always great to help my clients with challenging flood insurance situations. Highly recommend! Guru is in the name for a reason, he really knows his stuff!
- Tyler R., 2022
I met Chris Green six years ago when I first got into real estate. Chris and his company have saved so many deals for my clients and always have exceptional customer service. I will always continue to send my clients to them! High reccommend!!❤️❤️
- Kacie C., 2022
Chris and his team are great. You will not find anyone more knowledgeable about the ins & outs of flood insurance.
- Michael F., 2022
I don't send my flood insurance clients to anyone else. The Flood Guru team works fast, has the systems in place to take care of clients, and they know freak ton about flood.
- Bill M., 2022
Chris and his team are the BEST at what they do. They are in the business to do good by the client and for their referral relationships they have. They are number one in education, communication and information in the flood industry. Chris has designed an agency to inform everyone of the value and need of the proper flood policy.
- Kaleigha C., 2022
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