In episode 256 of The Flood Insurance Guru podcast we are taking a deeper look at commercial flood insurance and flood zone AE.


We answer the following questions in this podcast


What is Flood Zone AE?


Flood zone AE is considered to be in the special flood hazard area. This falls within the 1% annual chance of flooding. This area generally has some of the highest flood insurance premiums outside the coastal areas.

What is the National Flood Insurance Program?

This is the flood insurance program offered through the federal government FEMA

What is private flood insurance?

This is flood insurance offered by private insurance companies.

What are your flood insurance options on a commercial building?

As we mentioned above their is the National Flood Insurance Program and private flood insurance. We want to discuss some differences so you can protect your business from flooding.

National Flood Insurance Program                                       Private Flood Insurance

Building coverages. Max amount $500,000                        No max

Business property Max amount $500,000                         No max

Loss of income. coverage not available                       Usually 10-20% of replacement cost

Pricing Set by FEMA                                                                 Set by each carrier

As you can see there can be a big difference in flood insurance coverages between the National Flood Insurance Program and private flood insurance. It could be the difference between your business staying open and closing after a flood. It's important to know each private carrier does look at things differently.

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