Today we're going to be talking about the National Flood Insurance Programs flood insurance claims appeal process. Any flood insurance claim can drive you bananas especially if you don't understand the process. So today we want to give you a better understanding of that process.

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What has to happen for you to appeal?

When can you appeal?

Can you hire a 3rd party for help?

These are all things we want to discuss today.


What Has to Happen for You to Appeal

So let's talk about what has to happen before the appeal process can even begin?

In order for the FEMA claims appeal process to begin you have to receive a denial letter.

So what is a denial letter?

According to FEMA a denial letter is letter sent to policyholders from their insurance provider after they file their flood insurance claim. The letter will formerly reject part or all of the claim and explain why, based on the specific policy provisions.

Once this letter is received the claims appeal process can begin, so what's the next step.



When Can You Appeal

Well the letter will state if the entire claim is being denied or just a portion. In either case in order to file the appeal there is certain documentation that FEMA requires.

  1. Photos of the flood damage
  2. Itemized estimates signed by a contractor
  3. Copy of the denial letter

Once things things have been collected you have two options on filing the appeal. You can do it by mail or email both addresses are listed below


FEMA, 400 C Street SW, 3rd Floor SW, Washington, D.C. 20472-3010


Hiring Help

FEMA recommends filing this claims process yourself. One reason is if you hire a 3rd party to help none of their fees would be covered. Sometimes these fees can be 10-25% of what you would receive on the claim.


Now that you have these documents together let's discuss some deadlines. If you choose to file an appeal and if you choose to file a lawsuit as FEMA states on their website is an option.


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Appeal Deadline

When it comes to processing the appeal its important to understand that this has to be filed within 60 days of the denial letter. If it is filed after that date the appeal could be denied.

Lawsuit Deadline

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Now let's talk about the deadline for lawsuits and the options. Lawsuits are usually only recommended if all other options have been exhausted including hiring an appraiser. Once a lawsuit has been filed the appeal process ends.

When you do file a lawsuit it has to be done within a year of the denial letter. You also need to understand who the insurance company is?

FEMA offers flood insurance through their direct facility and what is called write your own carriers. According to FEMA

  • When FEMA’s NFIP Direct is your insurer, you may file suit against FEMA.
  • For all other insurers, FEMA is not a proper party pursuant to 44 C.F.R. § 62.23(g). You must sue the insurer.


So these are some of the things you need to understand when it comes to following this appeals process.

So we briefly just wanted to talk about that FEMA f appeal process today. So if you've got questions, maybe you've had a FEMA claim, maybe you feel like you do need help from a third party or you've got questions about, How is this claim going to impact me in the future? Are they going to pay out? Please visit our website. You can also checkout our YouTube channel or our Facebook page, the flood insurance gear where we do our daily flood education videos.

Remember we have an educational background in flood mitigation, which means we can help you understand your flood insurance, your flood risk, and mitigating your property long term to help you minimize flood losses and flood premiums.


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