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In episode 279 of The Flood Insurance Guru podcast we are discussing swiss cheese and flood insurance.

You are probably thinking what do Swiss cheese and flood insurance have in common?

They have alot more in common than you think they do.

Have you ever sat down and looked at piece of Swiss of cheese?

The cheese has holes all through it compared to other cheese that doesn't.

You probably think man why would you buy a piece of cheese with holes in it.

It's almost like paying double for a pair of jeans that has holes in it. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean its the right decision.

Well that is exactly what happens in the flood insurance world every day.

In the podcast we discuss gaps in flood insurance coverage and Swiss cheese.

We look at how these gaps could cause an extreme financial burden if a claim was to occur.

We specifically discuss how claims are handled, replacement cost, actual cash value, coverage below grade, and additional living expenses.

These are all areas where we see major gaps in coverage everyday.

We also look a certain claim scenario where these coverages made the difference in disaster recovery for a flood victim in Nebraska.

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