Welcome to The Flood Insurance Blog this week we have been discussing flood insurance zone changes. Today is episode 2 What Is A Letter of Map Revision?

If you have watched or read episode 1 you remember that a letter of map amendment or loma has to do with structures on natural grade. Today we are discussing how letter of map revisions or LOMR are different.

So what is a letter of map revision or LOMR? Well a LOMR has to do with flood insurance map changes for properties that are built on fill dirt. This means that additional dirt has been brought in to raise up a structure when building it. Its important to remember when doing this that a local floodplain manager does have to approve this in order to get the flood zone changes. In many communities these types of map revisions will not be approved because of complex flooding exposures in an area.

So when working with a builder and surveyor you want to make sure they include this local official to make sure that this can be approved. You also want tom remember that much of flood zone A can not be removed because it does not have a base flood elevation. In the areas of flood zone A that does have a base flood elevation usually requires getting a community letter showing it. So before you go and waste a lot of money or buy a lot that could cost you money have a flood insurance expert like The Flood Insurance Guru run a zone determination for you to verify this zone.

If you have questions about this process or questions about your flood zone then please reach out to The Flood Insurance Guru. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel and like the Facebook page where daily flood education videos are done.

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