In this episode of The Flood Guru Podcast we are discussing garages. We are talking about attached and detached garages.


When comes to garages there are two types of garages, attached and detached. Attached garages that are actually part of the main structure or even built in. Detached garages are garages that are their own structure. So what qualifies as an attached garage?


Attached garage

There are a few things that can make a garage attached. If a garage is directly connected to structure by a roof, solid bearing way, or elevated walk way then it can be considered an attached garage. An example of a attached garage is shown below


Detached Garage

Detached garages are considered their own structure there is an example show below in the picture. These garages do not show a roof, wall, or walk way with a main structure.


Coverage for garages

So how does flood insurance work on garages? Well its considered a garage if its used for three things. It has to be used for parking, storage, or access. If a garage has running water going to it then it would be considered a residential structure and would not qualify as a garage.

When it comes to coverages on a garage a NFIP flood policy is generally going to cover it for 10% of the policy. So for example if you have a $250,000 flood policy the max coverage on the garage would be $25,000. It's important to understand that in order for coverage to apply to the garage you could not exceed the $250,000 in coverage.

          Private flood insurance for garages

        Private flood insurance for garages works a little bit differently. Unlike a NFIP flood policy you could list detached garages on the same policy. You could also exceed the 10% coverage for a garage.

When it comes to coverages for garages its important to understand exactly what is in your garage and how it would be covered by flood insurance. As you can see NFIP and private flood have different guidelines. If you have more questions about how exactly flood insurance for garages works please visit our YouTube Channel or Facebook page The Flood Insurance Guru. You can also ask questions in our open Facebook group Flood Education and Awareness.


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