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Simple Flood Insurance You Can Afford

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OK, but really, what can I expect to pay?

Flood insurance prices can range greatly depending on a number of factors. Things like elevation, distance to water, and replacement cost are just a few that can impact flood insurance rates. 

It's important to know that no two properties are the same when it comes to flood insurance rates.

So you could possibly see a higher rate or even a lower rate from the national flood insurance average pricing.

How much flood insurance coverage do I need?

There are a few different types of flood insurance. If you are looking to protect the structure then you need building coverage.

If you are wanting to protect your personal belongings then you will want content coverage.

What types/how much insurance do you need?

Many people think they should just cover what the bank is requiring for flood insurance. However, in many situations, this is not enough coverage. That is why we recommend covering the building with full replacement costs.

What are my flood insurance options?

Many people think there is only one option when it comes to flood insurance. However, there are two different options:

  • National Flood Insurance Program

  • Private flood insurance