Today we are discussing flood insurance zone changes. Over the course of four different flood education videos and blogs we are going to discuss different types of flood insurance zone changes. In this blog we are discussing what is a letter of map amendment?

A letter of map amendment also known as a LOMA is an official amendment, by letter, to an effective National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) map. A LOMA establishes a property''s location in relation to the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). LOMAs are usually issued because a property has been inadvertently mapped as being in the floodplain, but is actually on natural high ground above the base flood elevation.

So how do you get a LOMA done? Well there is usually a little bit of documentation that is needed. Generally you need something like a property deed that shows ownership of the property and an elevation certificate. While the elevation certificate may not be required you do need something that sows the lowest adjacent grade. An elevation certificate usually accomplishes this the quickest because it shows the different elevations of the structure as well as the lowest adjacent grade in relation to the base flood elevation.

Its also important to remember that also many times the local flood plain manager has to sign off on LOMA's. Thats why we always recommend reaching out to someone like The Flood Insurance Guru that works with these types of officials everyday. They can tell if the process is worth the time and money.

Do you have questions or think you might be in the wrong flood zone? Visit our website to find out Flood Insurance Guru, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or like our Facebook page where we do daily flood education videos. Make sure to look for our other videos and blogs that will cover other types of flood insurance zone changes.


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