Losing everything to a flood can be devastating but so can the days afterwards. Knowing what to do after the flood might be just as important as what to do before the flood. Today we are going to talk about 5 reasons why disaster assistance could be declined and how to avoid them.

Before we understand why disaster assistance can be declined we must understand what it is and when its is available?

​So what is disaster assistance? Disaster assistance is assistance from FEMA after a natural disaster and is available after presidentially declaration.

So lets discuss why disaster assistance might be declined. The first reason is if the primary home is still livable. What this means is even though you might have suffered flood damage there was not enough damage to force you out of the home because of the severity of damage.

Another reason is FEMA could not reach you to do the inspection of the home. Its extremely important that if you can not live in the home that you give an address where you can be found and a good contact number.

Reason 3 why disaster assistance could be denied is if your flood insurance covered all the damages. This always brings up the question can i still get assistance if i had flood insurance. Yes many times flood insurance won't cover all the things you need and may not cover temporary living expenses at all.

Reason 4 probably comes from the frustration of trying to get resources as quickly as possible. Many times multiple people in the same household will apply for disaster assistance and this causes other people in the home to be declined. So remember when applying for disaster assistance only one person per household can get it. This will hopefully help you avoid being declined.

Reason 5 might be one of the most common reasons for being declined and that is identity issues. Many times people will list a first name but not a legal name. This causes an issue with matching the claimants name and social security number. So make sure to list your name exactly the way it is on your social security card. The biggest area this causes a problem is people who have recently gotten married and have not changed the name legally yet.

There are alot more than 5 reasons why disaster assistance might be declined but these are 5 more common reasons. So if you have questions about disaster assistance or flood insurance please visit our website Flood Insurance Guru. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel or like our Facebook page where we do daily flood education videos.