Flood insurance can be expensive especially when it comes to the 100 year flood zones or flood zone A. One of the major reasons for this is because flood insurance rates are based off how far a structure is below or above the base flood elevation. Well much of flood zone A has what is called an undetermined base flood elevation. Many times this means one does not exist. As a result it is difficult to compare the elevations of a structure to something that does not exist. As a result FEMA and private flood insurance carriers have to be conservative in determining rates in these areas.

Just because you may not see a base flood elevation does not mean there is not one. Many times a local flood plain manager can help track down the base flood elevation or provide a community letter to FEMA that shows one. These letters have helped to significantly lower flood insurance rates in areas like Birmingham Alabama, Knoxville Tennessee, Nashville Tennessee, Des Moines Iowa, Findlay Ohio, and many other areas across the country.

Maybe you have been told that there is not a base flood elevation for your structure, if so please reach out to a flood insurance expert like The Flood Insurance Guru who has an educational background in flood mitigation.

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Chris Greene


Chris Greene

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