Today, we discuss how your personal property can be covered by your flood insurance policy.

Contents Coverage

Now, the biggest thing that gets left off in flood insurance policy is the content coverage. Sometimes this is because policyholders aren't sure what to write there or they're afraid that it's going to be very expensive. By the time flooding occurs, especially in high-risk flood zones, they only have coverage for their building or structure coverage, but they won't be getting anything from the appliances and items that were impacted by flood damage. Basically what happens is that these important household items are just going to be part of the debris removal without any return.

This can really hurt any homeowner especially if these personal items are something that really helps in everyday life or sometimes even for business. It's important to note that your standard homeowners insurance policies won't cover these losses as a result damages of flood.

The Flood Insurance Guru | YouTube | Coverage for Your Personal Belongings on Your Flood Insurance

In order to avoid this ugly situation, it's important to make sure that the insurance company makes sure that your flood insurance has replacement cost coverage. This is the best contents coverage a homeowner can get since the flood insurance will provide you actual cash as a replacement for whatever valuable items you lost.

Basically, the flood policy will pay for the items that were hit by flood damage for its price if you were to buy them today. For private flood insurers sometimes don't have a max amount for the replacement costs.

This is something that you can expect that flood insurance companies will provide especially from private insurers or through private flood insurance. On the other hand, federal flood insurance that's from the National Flood Insurance Program or the NFIP is most likely to not have this coverage. Even if you do get replacement cost for the contents of your home, it can only max out at $100,000.

The Flood Insurance Guru | YouTube | Coverage for Your Personal Belongings on Your Flood Insurance

It's always important to look at these things in your flood insurance coverage especially if you're threatened with flood risks every year. This is regardless of where you're getting your insurance.

It's easy to have building coverage, but that's just half what you may lose due to flood damage. For some of us, home appliances like electronic equipment, portable air conditioning equipment, or built-in appliances are an investment. Sometimes they can be more valuable than precious metals, so it's really important that you have this with your flood coverage. 

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