We all know flood insurance can be confusing.

When is an elevation certificate required?

What are the flood insurance options?

What is a flood insurance policy assumption?


There are about a thousand other questions that people have when it comes to flood insurance. You can find the answers to some of those questions in our 1000 flood education videos in 1000 days.

Today we want to look at flood insurance policy assumption.



We have discussed this before in our blogs and videos. However let's define what is a flood insurance policy assumption?

Flood insurance policy assumption is generally something that is done through the National Flood Insurance Program. This is when a flood insurance policy is moved from one property owner to another property owner.

Recently we have been helping a potential home buyer with this process in Gadsden Alabama.

The current home owner has had flood insurance in place for about 10 years. When they originally set up the flood policy in Gadsden Alabama in 2010 the property was in a low risk flood zone also known as a flood zone X.

However since then the property has been moved from a low risk flood zone to a high risk flood zone also known as a flood zone AE.


Gadsden Alabama has a lot of high risk flood zones because it is located on the Coosa River.

So now that this flood zone has been changed can the policy still be assumed?

As long as the policy has had continuous coverage then this policy should be able to be assumed. This is actually one of the benefits of doing a flood insurance policy assumption. This can also be known as a grandfathered flood insurance policy because the flood zone is no longer available.


On the flood insurance policy it should show two things a rated flood zone and current flood zone.

The rated flood zone will tell you what flood zone the rates are based on and the current zone will tell you the what flood zone the property is currently located in.

So how do you do one of these flood insurance policy assumptions?


The video above actually walks you through filling out the paperwork for a policy assumption. If you need help then click here. We help property owners and insurance agents with this process everyday.

So thats how a policy assumption with a different flood zone works. If you have questions about flood insurance in Gadsden Alabama, other parts of Alabama, or anywhere in the United States then click here.

Remember we have an educational background in flood mitigation. This means we are here to help you understand your flood risks, your flood insurance, and mitigating your property against flooding.


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