FEMA recently did a website redesign. According to the FEMA podcast this is the first time a full site redesign has been done in more than 5 years. As you can imagine technology changes a lot in 5 years.

So today we want to look at what this means for you as a website user. What are three important things that you should take away from this redesign.

  1. Culture of preparedness
  2. Reduction of complexity
  3. Local search


Culture of Preparedness

Historically one of the things FEMA has tried to focus on is preparedness. Whether its flooding, earthquakes, or another disaster. Having the United States prepared for disaster is one of the goals of FEMA.

However if you ever used the previous site you know this information could be difficult to navigate through. I mean according to the podcast the previous website had more than 74,000 pages. Thats alot of information especially when its not organized very well.



If you are an insurance agent who has ever had to navigate the website you know it can be complex. This is is why one of the goal of FEMA with the redesign was to reduce complexity. They wanted to reduce the amount of clicks it takes to get information. As a marketer of multiple companies including the Flood Insurance Guru I can tell you the more someone has to do on a website the less likely they are to get to the finish line.


Local Search

Something else FEMA has added that should go a long way is the local search. Smart content is something we use to create a more personal and local experience for a website visitor. This means they may only see information that is relevant to their location. This is exactly what FEMA has done with the local search.

When you put your address in the local search bar you are going to see disaster assistance programs or active disaster declarations in your area.

What this means is if you live in Alabama you don't have to search through information for California anymore.

So whether you are preparing for a disaster or recovering from one this upgrade will hopefully be a great resource for you.

If you want to learn more about this upgrade you can also listen to our podcast on it above. Remember when preparing for a flood disasters that everyone is in a flood zone.

You can checkout our daily podcast here or watch our videos on our YouTube channel.


We have an educational background in flood mitigation which means we are here to help you understand your flood risks, flood insurance, and mitigating your property long term.



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